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Fundamentals of Intraoral Scanning
Learn how to master intraoral scanning including techniques and scanning pathways, as well as quadrant, full arch and edentulous scans. In this course we cover real-life scan demonstrations, key clinical tips and tricks, and staff delegation.
Everything you need to know to master Intraoral Scanning
In this free course we cover all aspects of intraoral scanning, from scanning protocol to staff delegation. I will show you real-life cases and how to approach all the different types of scans you may encounter in the clinic. We will also go over a number of clinical tips and tricks to ensure you can predictably achieve accurate and efficient results.
Learn the benefits of intraoral scanning

Learn how to take an accurate full arch scan

Learn the different techniques for edentulous scanning

Understand soft tissue management

Clinical tips and tricks to ensure accurate results

Learn staff delegation and how to get your team involved
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