Advertising Guidelines

Guidelines for advertisement:

  1. Send overview of company product:
    Overview should include:

    - Target users of product (dentists/lab technician/both)……..

    - How to use product and available courses on using these products if any…

    - Where can I get it from?

    - When the product will be available
  2. Key features of product.
  3. Comparative test results and reviews of product.
  4. Demonstrate system approach for testing product, including all needed equipment.
  5. Preferred media outlet (print, online, social media “facebook, instagram….etc”)

Action after receiving advertisement proposal:

  1. The proposal will be carefully reviewed, and a research on the company and product will be conducted to further understand the client’s markets and products for example (country of manufacturing…etc)
  2.  The media and creative departments of journal (if requested) will be contacted  to work on an initial draft of the advertisement (link to the spreadsheet of sizes and prices)
    The media team will include descriptions of characteristics of product, target audience, and include any important segments or features to be aware of.
    All with preferred media outlet chosen by company in proposal.
  3.  A thorough explanation of the creative strategy, with explanation of chosen advertisement method and why it’s the best suited.
  4.   A timetable will be done and sent to the company for approval.