Dental medium journal Int. online/print is a peer reviewed bilingual English and Arabic journal.
That is effective in growing dental knowledge, awareness, and abilities of dental practitioners to conduct their practice efficiently and productively.

Dental Medium publication has been published in the middle-east region in: (Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Sudan, Tunisia, U.A.E. and Yemen).
It was first published in Cyprus in 1993, and has since then been continuously published. (30+ years)

Dental Medium Journal ISSN1022-6842 Key title: Dental medium
Abbreviated key title: Dent,medium
Company Registration Number 2939808  / LEBANON
Commercial Denomination: Dental Medium
Place: Republic of Lebanon, Ministry of Finance
Address Chtoura main street, P.O. Box 47 Lebanon Post , Dr Hisham Burhani

USA Registration: Dental Medium registered as  Journal Int Limited Liability Company.
Registration Number 0400710498-Date : 22 December 2014
Place: State of New Jersey, Department of Treasury, Division of Revenue and Enterprise. USA

Editor in Chief :

Dr. Hisham Burhani : DDS Damascus university .Dental college 1958 .Diploma in pedodontics , New York   1958- 1959 .

Editor in chief  , owner and publisher at   Dental Medium Journal

Employment records : master degree in puplic health      1974  Prince Leopold Institue of Tropical Medicine Antwerp       

The Royal  Tropical   Institue , Department of   Tropical  Hygiene .Amstream . 

The general Administration for   Development CO-opperation Brussels . 

The Netherlands Universities Foundation  for internationl CO-opperation  in Hague .

Member of DU delegation Education to Higher edducation reform committee at  Damascus university .

Expert for Quality University Management  and institution autonomy .

member of ethical research  committitte for university  health development projects  2005 .

Founder  of WHO Regional demonstration , training and Research center 1982.

Advisor to Ministry of Health  1990- 1997 .

Intercountry workshop on Problem based learnung for medical and allied health at   Irbid 1994 \WHO

Traning workshop \ Managerial process for nation  health development  at   Damascus 1984 .

Head of the Damascus Dental Syndicate.

Expert panel on oral health  to review and  evaluate simulation training  systems for oral care   for WHO   .

Director department of school  health   at Ministry of education .

Member of the Scientific Research Ethics Committee at Damascus University .

Director of EDC center   1992 -1996 .

Development of training tutorials for medical and dental education . agreement for performance of work with  WHO  1999-2000

Eveluation of dental care  program  for choldren , report and proposed action plan   2003   Lebanon .

Editorial Committee

Editorial Committee
Prof Dr. Ahmed Manadily , Dental College
Damascus University
Prof. Dr. M. Bachar Mouslmani -
Ex Dean Dental collage Techreen University
Prof. Dr. Fayez Saleh,Chairman,
Beirut Arab University ,Dental College
Prof . Dr. Mohamad Sultan ,
Dental Collage ,Aleppo University
Prof. Dr.Sawsan Taba
Dental Collage University at Buffalo USA
Prof . Dr. Wafa El-Badrawy Associate Professor Resorative Discipline. Faculty of Dentisry University
of Toronto 


  Advisory Board :


Dr . Dr .Al Abdullah  AL  Shammery  Deen  of  Riyadh  College of Dentistry  and  Pharmacy   . President  of   Saudi  Dental  Board.                                                                       

pro DR S Roula Al Bounni .DDS Msc.,ph

pro. DR Razan  Hkatab   Deen  of    Damascus university  Dental  College .

pro. DR Abed  Yaken  , ALEPPO  University  . EX  President  of    Damascus university   .

pro. DR Atif  Darwish  Deen Dental  College .IN.T.U for Science and Technology

DR  .Derek Mahony Specialist orthodontist .

pro DR Jean  Essade, ,Lausanne , Switzerland.

pro. DR . .Muhammad  . AL,Rifaie     Lebanese     university  Dental  College.

 pro. DR  Omer Fahim .

pro. DR Munir Doumit .  EX  Deen Dental  College Lebanese     university   .

pro. DR. Nour ,Habib  . EX  Deen Dental  College Cairo      university 

DR. Heikki ,Tala  Consultant   Finland  .