Submission Guidelines

Four copies of the manuscript should be sent with a digital copy to DENTAL MEDIUM P.O. Box 47 Chtoura Lebanon.
A signed letter of transmittal with the corresponding author's name and full address/email should be included and attached to the manuscript.
The editors of DENTAL MEDIUM will consider only articles that are submitted exclusively to DENTAL MEDIUM. All material sent will be peer-reviewed.
Manuscript format:
  • All manuscripts should be in English, since our publication is bilingual, for non arab authors will be aided in preparing an Arabic summary of their article for publication, once accepted.

  • English abstracts should not be less than 300 words.

  • The manuscript should not be longer than 8 double-spaced pages (A4) exclusive of references and illustrations.

  • Manuscript should include Keywords (between 5-10)

  • Illustrations: not more than 6-8 images, charts, or graphs and 2-4 tables should be included.References: should be numbered consecutively in the order in which they are mentioned in the text, and these should be kept to an acceptable minimum.

  • Clinical cases and reports should follow the same Manuscript format, including:

  1. A case presentation

  2. Clinical Procedures and outcomes

  3. Consent forms for patients and test subjects

  • Unpublished articles will not be returned to the authors.


Recommendations to consider before publishing your article

  • During your research and writing make separate notes of every piece of information and data you reference or use with its source, so as to not forget to cite anything. In medical fields the preferred citation method is the Vancouver citation, which should look like this:

x. Author(s). Title. Edition. Place of publication: Publisher; Year.


x: in the number attributed in the article

  • Work with integrity and don’t rush your study just to publish, as any form of misconduct will result in issues for future publications

  • Ensure your research papers clearly communicate your ideas. Run your paper through a grammar checker and have someone read it to check for clarity