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3D Printers Dental Applications / PICO2 HD™

The PICO2 HD™, reportedly the world's smallest HD 3D printer, is engineered to deliver excellent resolution and build capacity to the desktop. The PICO2 HD is said to have the fastest material change-over of any 3D printer on the market, and is reportedly ideal for producing water-clear dental splints, surgical guides,and castable materials for crown and bridge and partial frameworks. 
Final Check – measurement tool Load Multiple Builds – onboard PC to store multiple builds Flexible Supports – avoid collisions
STL/SLC or Both – load STL & SLC into the same build Add Casting Sprue – streamline casting workflow Dynamic Array – maximize build area usage Auto Supports – for greater user efficiency Multi-Operating System – Apple, Windows & Linux License Free – free updates, forever Multi-Stacking – maximize Z height usage User Control – full user access to build settings Remote Control – login to your 3D printer remotely Build Time Estimator – schedule workflow
تعتبر طابعة PICO2 HD™ أصغر طابعة ثلاثية الأبعاد HD (عالية الوضوح ).صممت هندستها لتؤمن حلولا ممتازة و قدرة بناء على سطح المكتب . و من أكثر الطابعات الموجودة في السوق والتي تمتاز   بسرعة تغير المواد , مثالية لإنتاج الجبائر و الادلة الجراحية و المواد المصبوبة للتيجان و الجسور و أطر التعويضات الجزئية .